About Emap

Emap brings data to life. Through online interactive maps, high-resolution imagery and easy to use features, Emap provides immediate access to geospatial data from CoreLogic - New Zealand's trusted source of location, land and property information.

Emap is a powerful, fully featured online mapping application designed specifically for businesses who want to enhance their own data with quality information for confident decision making.

Emap is powered by NZ Master Map from CoreLogic, which offers unrivalled 'real world' accuracy. It's the trusted source of 'fit for purpose' location data for New Zealand's emergency services, major utilities and our largest public and private organisations. Emap allows you to upload and convert your own data into valuable business intelligence, with fast and intelligent predictive search functionality for quick access to property information.

Emap makes real world complexity simple to visualise. Increase productivity, communicate visually and share complex, location based intelligence with ease. Get real business insight and ultimate business advantage: discover the power of Emap.

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