Visionstream case study


Location intelligence helps Visionstream thrive.


Over the past 15 years, Visionstream has built a strong track record of delivering network construction, maintenance and engineering services to a range of clients throughout Australasia.

According to Visionstream's Design and Records Systems Integration Specialist, Nathaniel Terry, what sets Visionstream apart from the competition is the ability to offer its customers innovative processes and employment models for the efficient installation of cable TV and broadband network.

"The design and build process of a new network is very time consuming. When we started operations in New Zealand we had all the skills and experience required to succeed, but what was missing was a flexible, powerful GIS solution. It needed to be easy to use but also give us access to the best New Zealand geospatial data available."

With an extensive GIS background Mr Terry knew that setting up a traditional GIS system usually takes many months of planning and the kind of money most companies don't have during tough economic times.



Visionstream needed a powerful, fully featured mapping solution to give them GIS capability quickly. It needed to be an online solution so that information could be easily shared and used by its own staff as well as by its contractor partners.

"For an efficient, cost effective and easy to use GIS solution I would recommend Emap to any business - except our competitors!"

Nathaniel Terry
Design and Records Systems Integration Specialist

Visionstream chose Emap, the new online mapping and location intelligence tool from CoreLogic. Mr Terry says Emap was selected because it offered Visionstream the clear ability to increase efficiency and productivity.

"A major telecommunications client of ours has three different contracting companies working in various parts of the country. We need to be able to easily share complex, visual information cross borders and across organisations. Emap allows us to do this with ease," says Mr Terry.

Visionsteam also needed to know it was using the most accurate and reliable geospatial data available.

"During the selection process for a mapping solution I was continually asked why we don't just use the free data provided by local councils or LINZ. The answer is simple, the quality and accuracy of Emap's 'real world' information is vastly superior, it's a national dataset and it gives us the capability to manipulate large quantities of data.

"Emap is not just an affordable alternative, it's one that allows us to do things other solutions could not. Most importantly, the accuracy of the Emap data means we have much greater confidence in planning the best location for network infrastructure."



Achieving greater efficiency and productivity Mr Terry says CoreLogic's Emap solution helps Visionsteam be more efficient and ultimately more productive too.

"We have been able to create significant efficiencies using only two of the many layers in Emap. The network designers found Emap easy to use as the interface is highly intuitive and the user guides and online training is very helpful for exploring the more sophisticated features and functionality. Getting Emap up and running has been a piece of cake too, in fact, the hardest part was sending in the names and e-mails of users - CoreLogic did the rest.

"Emap has given us the upper hand and in our line of business any system or application efficiency is a welcome contribution," says Mr Terry.