Duncan Cotterill case study


Find out how Duncan Cotterill use Emap to find the exact land parcel, and increase their customer experience.

Duncan Cotterill is one of New Zealand’s leading law firms. The firm has over 200 employees in 4 key office locations around New Zealand.


The Challenge: Finding the correct land, parcel and title information - quickly

When it comes to property, Duncan Cotterill Associate Bridget Cameron knows that the key to success is providing a service to clients that is efficient, thorough and accurate.  However, obtaining all the necessary property information can be time consuming and resource intensive. 

“Our property team acts for clients on numerous property transactions across New Zealand on a regular basis. We needed a source of land and property information which allowed the team to visualise and identify property and parcels of land in a quick, efficient way.  We also needed to ensure that the land and property that the team are dealing with matched our clients’ understanding as identified in the transaction,” says Bridget.

Bridget says that what was required was a solution that Duncan Cotterill could rely on to make their work processes faster and more efficient.


The Solution: A quick and accurate property information solution

Bridget was provided with the task of investigating tools to assist Duncan Cotterill’s property team in their work. It was clear from the first demonstration that Emap could help the property team provide an enhanced experience for both partners and clients. Duncan Cotterill trialled Emap, liked it and decided to purchase it. 

Bridget identifies the top 3 Emap functions that have helped Duncan Cotterill as:

  1. Easy search functionality
  2. Ability to clearly see boundaries and aerial imagery
  3. Printable searches of land parcels which identify particular parcels and their legal descriptions.

“Emap is a great solution, particularly when only partial information is provided about a property. It saves time and can turn a task that would normally take a lot longer into a 5 minute job,” says Bridget


The Big Win: Locating a “missing” parcel for a client

Emap really proved its worth during a large property transaction for a Christchurch based client that involved several parcels of land.  Due to the clear layout and format of the property and title information in Emap, the Duncan Cotterill property team noticed a small parcel of land which had been missed in a previous conveyancing.    

“Had the historical error not been noticed, there could have been negative repercussions for our client, including difficulties in gaining development consents,” says Bridget.


Business Benefit: Increased productivity and enhanced customer service

Emap has helped Duncan Cotterill save time and enhance work processes when analysing property and advising clients on related transactions. Instead of referring to multiple sources Duncan Cotterill can now quickly identify land owned by a specific person or entity and match this information to LandOnline records. 

Finding property and land parcels with limited identifying information is also a lot easier now thanks to Emap’s search and matching capabilities.

“In short, Emap has simply helped us become more efficient and means we can provide an even better service to our clients.” 

Bridget Cameron


Duncan Cotterill