Emap Modules

Get a new perspective

There are 3 data modules available within Emap:

  • Core Emap module

  • Emap Advanced

  • Emap Customised

Core Emap

  • Easy navigation
  • Search and query property information
  • Draw and measure
  • Three base map views: Aerial, Terrain and Street Map
  • Operational layers can be manipulated to create your own view
  • Print images of the map

The Core Emap viewer is specifically designed for searching land and property information. The powerful suite of tools in Emap ensures you can easily and quickly interrogate and analyse CoreLogic geospatial data. This option is ideal if you need cost effective, quick access to visual property information for all of New Zealand.

Emap Advanced

Emap Advanced literally puts your business on the map! Emap Advanced offers the same powerful features as Core Emap, but with the capability for you to upload, edit and add your own organisational data, including points, lines and polygons, as well as creating territories.

  • Create your own layer of relevant location based data
  • Create points, lines, polygons and multiple geometries with standardised fields/attributes. Layers can be viewed separately or together
  • Search and edit your data once it has been imported or created
  • Add a territory layer (4th layer) distinct from other polygons
  • Import data via CSV or Shapefile
  • Search and edit your data once it is imported
  • Export your data.

If these "off the shelf" Emap solutions don't suit your specific needs, then  Emap can be customised to your business needs.

Emap Customised

Our consultants can build a customised solution for your organisation. Emap has been designed to be scalable, extensible and customisable so it can be easily integrated to meet the requirements of the largest and most complex organisations. Contact us to find out more about customised solutions and how we have created solutions for major government and corporate organisations.

  • Highly scalable and extensible
  • Easily integrated
  • Customisable bespoke solution