Exporting data

The tool that allows you to export data from Emap ("Export your data") is accessed from the Emap toolbox. 

To export data use the "Export your data" option in Emap.

First choose Tool box menu > Export your data.

You are then presented with the Export your data option.

To export your data, follow this 3 step process

Emap Advanced

1. Users of Emap Advanced are able to export points lines and polygons.

2. Using Step1 - select the area you wish to export points by selecting one of the 3 tools provided.

3. Using Step 2 - select the type of data you would like to export - points, lines, polygons or territories.

4. Using step 3 - select the file format you would like to export to 

5. Click the "Export" button.

6. Once the export is completed, you will be presented with a prompt confirming that a data file has been created, asking where you would like to save it:

7. Name the file when saving

Note: you need to add the appropriate file extension to the end of this name (.CSV for CSV files and .ZIP for ZIP files).

8. Ensure you choose a location for the export that you can easily locate at a later date and click Save.

9. Your export is complete when you are presented with the "Download complete" message in the "Export your data" tool.

Why can't I export addresses, imagery or road information from eMap?

Currently we only allow for users to export their own location based data from Emap. If you need a supply of additional Emap data, then please call our call centre 0800 355 355 to discuss what options are available.

Help - I can't seem to get the data I would like to export.

Please give us a call on 0800 355 355 if you are having difficulty exporting your data. We would be more than happy to help.

How to get more help

We also offer webinars (online seminars) run by our trainers as targeted sessions that will build your knowledge and expertise of Emap. All you need is your eMap login and your computer. Contact us on 0800 355 355 or info@corelogic.co.nz for more information.

The Emap helpdesk is available to help you Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. Call us on 0800 355 355 or email us at info@corelogic.co.nz.