How to Search

The search box is found in the top left of the map and defaults to an "All" search. Start typing an address into the search box on the Emap screen. As you type, matching properties will appear, narrowing down your search until you can select the property you want.


  • Address

  • Roads

  • Suburbs

  • Locality and Towns

  • Owner

  • Points of Interest

  • Coordinates (such as NZTM and Lat/Long)


Tip: If the 'All' search shows too many results, especially if your entry is using a common name across the search types, then selecting a specific search type will help refine the search results list.

Address Search

Address searching is the most common type of search. Enter the address details as you would expect to see them. For example:

  • 275 Cuba Street

  • Vulcan Lane

The address search function searches address, region and search type, e.g. 10 Sample Street, Mysuburb, Anytown.

Tip: Skip entering any unit or suburb details and just enter the address.

Owner Search

Owner searches will display the name, partial address, region and type of owner, e.g. SMITH, JOHN JAMES Sample Street, Mysuburb, Anytown.

You can search for owners using any of the following formats:

  • First name, last name

  • First name, middle name, last name

  • Last name, first name, middle name

  • Company name

Tip: Use the 'List All Results' to get a complete list of owner results.

Problems with Search

If you cannot find a property:

  • Check which search option (to the left of the search box) is selected, e.g. address, owner, title etc. It may not be on the right one

  • Skip entering any unit or suburb details and just enter the address

  • Search using the property's primary address, e.g. a corner property may have an address on both streets

  • Ensure you have the right format for co-ordinate searches