Navigating the map

There are several ways to navigate around Emap. Most of the navigation tools can be found on the left hand side of the Emap screen.

Navigation tools are outlined below.

Pan tool

Pan is the default tool in Emap and is symbolised by a hand cursor on the map. You are also able to turn Pan on and off on the left hand Navigation bar. The icon on the left Navigation bar will be blue when Pan is active.

Tip: When a tool shows as blue on the navigation bar, this is the tool that you currently have active.

Identify tool

Emap offers a combined Pan and Identify tool. It allows you to pan around the map horizontally or vertically and "Identify" (query) on the map as you wish.

If you would like more information on a specific location within Emap, a click of the mouse will activate the "Identify" function. You will be presented with property information within a Results box.

Tip: This is a great way to query on properties/features as you pan around the map.

Zoom slider

The Zoom slider is on the left navigation bar. Drag the slider up and down to zoom the map in or out. Emap also has the additional feature of zoom locators - these allow you to easily zoom to street, city or region level on the map with a single click.

Tip: You can also use the Plus and Minus buttons at each end of the zoom slider to zoom in or out.

Zoom in - zoom out

Activate the zoom in or out icons (and) then click and drag the mouse. This will create a bounding box/rubber band zoom which will zoom in/out to the appropriate area selected.

Mouse scroll wheel zoom

This function allows you to utilise the scroll wheel on your computer mouse to zoom in or out.

Tip: Using this function the map will zoom to the place where your icon is sitting on the map.

Zoom the map to full extent

The map can be reset to the full extent of New Zealand by clicking the full extent button - this is found on the left navigation bar.

Problems with navigation

If you are having problems navigating the map:

  • Check which navigation tool you have activated (the active tool will be highlighted blue)

  • If using the quick zoom functions (e.g. mouse scroll) check where your icon is placed on the map - the map will zoom in/out from where the icon is placed on the map