Saving Favourites

Favourites are used to enhance your Emap user experience by allowing you to save favourite settings and searches. Favourites can be accessed a number of ways:

  • From the bottom of the Results box, using the Favourites icon; this is the best way to save a "favourite" list/search result

  • From the top Navigation bar on the Results box - "Favourites" tab. This takes you to all the favourites you have saved

  • From the left hand Navigation bar - this allows you to save your "favourite" workspace set up/extent

Tip: The best way to review and activate your "favourites" is from the Toolbox in the top Navigation bar of Emap.

Saved search, list or result

You can save favourite searches, lists or results to Favourites by clicking on the Star icon on a Results box, once the search has been completed. When you click to save a search, list or result, a default name may be given which you are free to alter. If a favourites name is the same as an existing favourite, you will be prompted to enter an alternate name. There is no limit to the number of saved favourites that you can have.

Tip: Choose your own name to make the favourite more memorable to you. To reactivate a saved search, simply navigate back to the Favourites box and select the "favourite" you would like to reinstate.

Saved workspace

You can save your preferred workspace set up by clicking on the Favourites icon on the left hand Navigation of eMap. This allows you to save the current set up/state of:

  • Current extent / zoom level

  • Layers (turned on / off)

  • Box (show / hide and screen position)

A prompt will ask you to name and save the current extent. To reactivate a saved workspace, simply navigate back to the Favourites box and select the "workspace" you would like to reinstate.

Tip: We recommend including "workspace" or something similar in the name of this favourite when you save it.