The Results box

The Results box will populate any time you request information from the map (using either the identify tool or as a result of a search). There are 3 tabs that will offer different views for the results tab - list, details and favourites.

For example, if you were selecting a street from the search, then multiple results such as addresses for that street will populate the 'List' view.

If you select a particular property, such as 1A Sample Street, the view will change to show the 'Details' of 1A Sample Street. Again the arrows allow you to navigate between properties in detail view.

The third tab 'Favourites' allows you to access any saved properties, views or features and is detailed further in the document.

Details view

The Results box presents users with information on the selected feature. For example, for property information, users are presented with:

  • Property Details

  • Owners Information

  • Related Properties

  • Zoned Schools

  • Last Sales Date

  • Additional Reports

Terranet Reports

Emap has a direct link to Terranet detailed property information and reports. By clicking on the link at the bottom of the Results box you will be taken directly to the same property in Terranet. From there you will either need to login (if you are a current Terranet user) or set up a casual account (if you are not).

Tip: Terranet gives you access to more detailed property information for purchase that is not available in Emap.

Add feature

The Results box allows you to "Add a Feature" to the list already populated in the box by selecting the "Add feature" tool found in the bottom left hand corner of the Results box. This allows you to add one feature at a time, and is useful for building a customised list. Just click on the item you wish to add to your list.

Tip: If you would like to add subsequent items you will need to re-click on "Add feature".


The Favourite button at the bottom of the Results box allows you to add the detail currently in the box to your favourites (for example, the list you have built, the property you have navigated to). Just click the Favourites icon and follow the prompt.


The Print icon on the Results box will allow you to print the contents of the Results box in a printer friendly PDF format. This PDF will (generally) open in a new window.

Tip: If you are having issues accessing this information, check that your pop up blocker is disabled for Emap. This normally shows as a notification at the top of your browser.