Using Draw and Measure

The Draw and Measure box is accessed from the Toolbox, found on the top Navigation bar of Emap. On opening the box you will be presented with a range of draw tools. The function of each is outlined below:

  • Add Point - draws a point on the map for each click of the mouse button

  • Add Line - from a starting point, each click on the map defines the beginning and end point of a segment of the line. You must double click the left mouse button to complete the line

  • Trace a Freehand line - from your starting point, click and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse where you want the line to be drawn. Release the left mouse button to finish

  • Add Polygon - from your starting point, each time you click on the map a vertex or corner will be added. When you are drawing a polygon it is best to draw in a clockwise rotation. You must double click the left mouse button to complete the polygon

Tip: Think of a polygon as a rubber band and each time you click on the map you are gluing the rubber band to that point on the map.

  • Trace a Freehand polygon - from your starting point, after you press the left mouse button down on the map at the start, hold it down and move the mouse around the map

Tip: The polygon is drawn following the mouse location until the left mouse button is released.

  • Add a Rectangle - draws a rectangle area or polygon - usually from a top left corner to a bottom right corner (hold down the mouse to start and let go to finish)

  • Add Text - writes text on your map in the position you choose by using a mouse click with the left button

  • Delete graphics - clears your drawing and text

    • Undoes the last drawing, redoes the last undo

    • Turns measurements on and off, by default this is on

    • Choose colour, by clicking bottom right hand corner

    • Change width of border, or point size