Banking & Finance

Top 5 reasons to use Emap in banking and finance

  • Understand your customers and competitors - Use the Mortgage Market Share tool to drill down to areas of interest to see where you are succeeding and where there is opportunity for improvement.

  • Risk Management - Add your own data or strategic targets to visualise and manage risk. For example, highlight target LVR rates by area, highlight customers according to LVR or mortgage value.

  • Identify business opportunities - Identify target customers, suburbs, or regions to strategically grow your business.

  • Up to date property information and reports - Emap is updated weekly with the latest property data. Easy access to Terranet reports for your convenience.

  • Highly customisable - Emap provides substantial flexibility to adapt according to your business goals and needs.

Property Information

Emap is a powerful tool specifically designed for searching land and property information. It provides quick access to visual, highly accurate New Zealand property information.

Make decisions with confidence knowing that Emap is powered by CoreLogic's NZ Master Map. It is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and trusted national land and property database. NZ MasterMap is the trusted source of 'fit for purpose' location data for New Zealand's emergency services, major utilities and our largest public and private organisations.

All Emap datasets are automatically updated, so you know Emap provides the most timely, complete and accurate information.

  • Easy to use navigation
  • Search and query property information by:

    • Title information
    • Owner names
    • Last sale date
    • Zoned Schools

  • High quality imagery
  • Draw and measure. Aerial imagery is 'orthorectified' - true and accurate for measurement purposes
  • Print images of the map

Mortgage Market Share

This powerful tool helps you understand your mortgage market share and concentration in a suburb or area. The Mortgage Market Share pie charts on screen provide the share based on both count and land area. Better understand business risk, your customers, and your competitors.

MMS query


Memorial information for a property can be added to the property details window. Memorials listed on a Certificate of Title may include mortgage instruments, restrictions, easements, conditions, liens, encumbrances or other rights relating to the registered property.

Memorials in widget

Rural Land Use

Arm your rural banking team with the best information to attract and retain customers with Emap's rural land use categories. By visualising rural land categories, and leveraging Emap's property information, you can better understand your customers' property portfolios. This layer can highlight new target territories, areas of industry concentration, or areas for development.

The rural land use categories are derived from the District Valuation Roll (Council records). The categories shown include dairying, pastoral, arable, forestry, specialist livestock, horticultural, mining and mixed rural uses.

The Mortgage Market Share tool can also assess rural land only, and filter based on rural sub categories. This will provide a much deeper understanding of your business risks and opportunities.

Rural land use