Infrastructure & Utilities

Top 5 reasons to use Emap in infrastructure and utilities

  • Visualise your infrastructure, projects and company data - Emap can be customised to suit your needs.

  • Share information amongst your team - collaborate in real time on projects, accessible from any computer.

  • Leverage up to date property information - View up to date property boundaries, areas, and title and property information.

  • Save time and money - Emap customers have reduced their consultancy and travel costs, as well as reducing manual processes. Read how here

  • Focus on your strengths - As a fully maintained and supported 'Mini-GIS' system, Emap will provide you with all the benefits of a spatial system, without the hassle of in-house maintenance and updates.

The flexibility of Emap to be customised to your business needs is one of its greatest advantages. CoreLogic can work with you to determine the best way to visualise your infrastructure, projects and company data. When this is combined with access to NZ MasterMap property data, you have a powerful efficiency and time saving tool.