Legal Industry

Top 5 reasons to use Emap in the legal industry

  • A one-stop-shop for property and title information - Integrated property and title data and quick, easy search options will reduce the time you spend finding property and title information.
  • Provide a better service to your clients - Print or save professional-looking maps that highlight client parcels/properties, with the ability to add your own text, lines or shapes.
  • Ensure you have all the important information - Visualising properties helps ensure that all boundaries, neighbours, parcels and instruments are accounted for, with further details easily accessible if needed. 
  • A central resource for your whole team - Emap can be accessed by anyone in your organisation who has a login, and information relating to current projects or clients can be shared as required.
  • Confidence in the data - Emap is updated weekly with title, boundary, property and ownership information.

Get the edge with Emap

Emap is a comprehensive tool that can make conveyancing and other property-focussed legal services faster and easier, and gives you the edge to provide better service to your clients. 

Emap combines accurate and up-to-date interactive maps and property data from numerous sources, cutting down the time you need to spend researching for your clients when they’re buying and selling property.  The high-resolution imagery and additional drawing tools allow you to produce more impressive legal advice for your customers.

Easements and Memorials

With the Easements and Memorials layers, Emap is even more comprehensive.  The Easements layer will highlight any parcels with an easement on them, or any parcels that are an easement.

This allows you to quickly and easily gain an overview of issues that may impact your clients’ properties or neighbouring properties.  The associated memorial information includes descriptions of all current and historic easements, as well as instrument numbers should you wish to order the instrument document.

Case study

Click here to find out how Duncan Cotterill were able to provide exceptional value to one of their clients, by using Emap to locate a ‘missing’ parcel:

“In short, Emap has simply helped us become more efficient and means we can provide an even better service to our clients.” - Bridget Cameron, Associate.


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