Map layers

Map Layers

Make decisions with confidence knowing that Emap is powered by NZ Master Map from CoreLogic. NZ Master Map is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and trusted national land and property information database in New Zealand. It is continuously maintained, deriving information from over 100 different sources by a team of geographic data specialists.

NZ MasterMap is the trusted source of 'fit for purpose' location data for New Zealand's emergency services, major utilities and our largest public and private organisations.

All Emap datasets are automatically updated, so you know Emap provides the most timely, complete and accurate information.

Emap Base Maps

  • Street Map
  • Terrain Map
  • Aerial Map

Exceptionally accurate and beautifully realised, Emap provides three separate views of New Zealand. Emap offers the most complete, up-to-date, high resolution aerial imagery available as well as two high quality base map views. All Emap base maps are in New Zealand Transverse Mercator (NZTM) projection.

Emap Operational Layers

Emap's operational layers allow you to view additional detail over the basemap services. All Emap operational layers are in New Zealand Transverse Mercator (NZTM) projection.

  • Contours
  • Boundaries
  • Property labels

Property Information

  • Full address and legal description
  • Certificate of Title
  • Property Ownership
  • Property Sale Date
  • Suburb and community reports
  • Sales and Valuation via (

Via a link to Terranet, Emap offers a trusted way to obtain current, detailed property information and reports on over 2 million New Zealand properties.

Identifiable Features

  • Points of Interest
  • Roads
  • Properties (address and parcel information)
  • Your data layers

The identifiable features provide a set of map layers that you can search and query and retrieve information on.

Points of Interest (POI)

The NZ Master Map Points of Interest (POI) dataset is a set of features that represent locations, schools, medical centres, churches and other points of interest. Features in this layer can be searched for by name e.g. Wellington High School.

  • The POI layer has spatial location and attribution making it highly accurate
  • This dataset is widely used in in-car navigation systems
  • Update frequency: Weekly


The NZ Master Map Roads dataset is a comprehensive representation of the road network as maintained by CoreLogic. It includes state highways, proposed and in-use roads, ferry routes, footpaths and foot tracks. Roads in new subdivisions under construction are also included.

Roads in this layer can be searched by name.

  • Wholly CoreLogic owned dataset
  • The Roads dataset is trusted by leading brands of in-car and fleet navigation systems
  • Verified by multiple processes
  • Update frequency: Weekly

Parcels - Legal Land Parcels

The Legal Parcel dataset (CRS) is derived from LINZ's cadastral system. The parcel is a polygon feature that represents legal boundary lines which may be, or may be capable of being defined by survey. The parcel layer displays the extents of the land described/referenced as part of the land tenure system.

  • Represents the legal boundary lines of a land parcel
  • Update frequency: Monthly


The NZ Master Map Addresses dataset contains physical addresses that have been captured, verified and maintained by CoreLogic. There are 2.1 million addresses in this database and is updated weekly.

Addresses in this layer can be queried and make use of the CoreLogic Enhanced Core Record System (CRS) and superior matching to bring back additional property based information.

  • Wholly CoreLogic owned dataset
  • The definitive and trusted New Zealand 'real world' address file
  • Contains 2.1 million verified, physical addresses
  • Addresses are physically located where possible on top of buildings
  • Update frequency: Weekly